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Details Mysteries in History: American History: American History

Mysteries in History: American History Designed to help students think critically about mysteries in American history. Includes teacher lesson plans, background information, and student activities. Full description

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Details Graphic Design History: Graphic Design History _p2

Graphic Design History A Fresh Look at the History of Graphic Design Graphic Design History, 2nd edition is a critical approach to the history of graphic design. Organized chronologically, the book demonstrates the connection to the current practices ...

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Details National History Standards: The Problem of the Canon and the Future of Teaching History: The Problem of the Canon and the Future of History Teaching (International Review of History Education)

National History Standards A volume in International Review of History EducationSeries Editor Peter Lee, Rosalyn Ashby, Stuart FosterAs educators in the United States and Europe develop national history standards for K-12 students, the question of ...

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Details Business History around the World (Comparative Perspectives in Business History)

Business History Around the World Offers a comprehensive international survey of contemporary research and debates in business history.

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Details The Nature of History Reader (Routledge Readers in History)

The Nature of History Reader The question of what the nature of history is, is a key issue for all students of history. It is recognized by many that the past and history are different phenomena and that the way the past is actively historicized can ...

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Details History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (Gender in History Mup)

History Matters Written for everyone interested in women's and gender history, History Matters reaffirms the importance of viewing history from a distance and with feminist intent. Judith Bennett argues that the achievement of a more feminist future ...

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Details The Discipline of History and the History of Thought

The Discipline of History and the History of Thought This rigorously philosophical work will raise the level of argument in philosophy of history and provoke debate among historians, philosophers, and political theorists. '.. analytical philosophy at ...